An API allows client software to retrieve data directly from the CrudeMonitor database. Use the form below to generate a customized URL specific to your needs. Each time a client application calls on the URL, data will be returned in JSON format, which can be decoded by the application. These data will then be available for the user to manipulate and display as they see fit.

  1. Select crude and condensate streams.
  2. Select property data groups:
    • If a condensate stream is selected, you must select a data group from the condensate properties field.
    • If a crude stream is selected, you must select a data group from the crude properties field.
    • Both condensate and crude streams can be requested at the same time.
  3. Select a date range:
    • A blank start date will request data from the earliest available date.
    • A blank end date will request data up to the most recent available date.
    • If both start date and end date are blank, all available dates will be requested.
  4. Press the 'Generate URL' button.
  5. Access JSON data at the given URL.
    • Copy and paste the URL into a browser to preview the JSON output. This will not be easily read by humans, but can be used to help visualize the structure.
    • Use the URL as a data source for software. For example, Microsoft Power BI can accept the URL as a data source.
    • Create custom code to handle the JSON output.

Usage Terms



MSW Feeder

Light Sweet

Light Sour

Medium Sour

Pooled Crudes - ex Superior

Sweet Synthetic

Heavy Sour - Conventional

Heavy Sour - Unconventional

Heavy Sour - Synbit

Heavy Sour - Partially Upgraded

Heavy Low Resid




Date Range