Blending Tools

Blend Density Calculator SI | US

Calculate the amount of diluent that would be required to reach a target density. Choose either SI units (kg/m3 and m3) or US units (°API and barrels).

Blending Compatibility

Determine the blending compatibility of two crudes based on their solubility and insolubility numbers.

Comparison Tools

Crude and Condensate Comparison

Custom report feature designed to allow for a comparison of properties across multiple crudes and condensates.

Canadian Crude Quick Reference Guide

This chart can be used to quickly look up basic analysis and mini-assay data for many Canadian crudes.

Other Tools

Canadian Crude Spill Response

"Comparison of the Behaviour of Spilled Conventional and Non-Conventional Oils through Laboratory and Meso-Scale Testing"
This study was commissioned with the goal of significantly enhancing the state of knowledge of oil properties and behaviour for spills of conventional and non-conventional oils in a range of environmental conditions.

Canadian Crude Quick Spill Response Guide

This chart can be used to quickly look up data important to crude oil spill response for many Canadian crudes. (Last updated on August 18, 2015)

Test Methods Summary

This page lists the test procedures used to obtain data for (Last updated on July 7, 2016)

Website Visitor Statistics

View a summary of website statistics including: number of users, page views, and user country.


This page is used to find reports for samples taken prior to July 1, 2010. Batch reports and Monthly Summary Reports are available.